All About Us

All About Us – The Heavenly Home

Hi there! My name is Kathryn and this my little corner of the internet. Here I share my journey and life lessons in cultivating a heavenly home. I share my home with my most favorite people ever, my amazing husband, Lane, and our sweet and energetic little boy, Richard. We are also expecting baby #2 (a girl) in July!

I started The Heavenly Home as a way to share with you my attempt to bring a little bit of heaven to my family. I have a vision of what my home could be, and I’d love to encourage other wives and mamas to join me in this endeavor!

But, I want to make it clear to all the tired, overworked, just-trying-to-make-it-through-the-day mamas out there that this is my journey. I am far from perfect in making my visions a reality. So please don’t think that what you see in my posts are how I live my life every. single. day. These thoughts and ideas and the things I share are goals – what I am aiming for, not necessarily our reality.

All About Us – My Story

I didn’t become a Christian until I was in college. Up to that point I had (wrongly!) assumed that because I was born in America and went to church as a child that I must be a Christian. When I finally realized that I was a sinner in desperate need of a Saviour I understood that being a Christian is more than just lip-service. Christ gave His all for me and out of a deep love I seek to give my all back to Him. I fail and fall daily (sometimes hourly), but He is strong in my weakness.

All About Us – My Family

My amazing hubby and I met at work. We were in the same training class together and started having lunch together with some other coworkers every day. After a few months of getting to know him, I knew he was an amazing guy and any girl would be blessed to be with him…so I tried to set him up with another gal! He wasn’t interested in her though, to my surprise he was interested in me. After a whirlwind courtship (8 months) we got engaged and then married just a few months later. We went from meeting to smoochin’ at the altar in less than a year, but when you know you know! Marrying him is the 2nd best decision I have ever made (giving my life to Christ was the first).

After 1 1/2 years of trying to conceive and walking through a miscarriage, we found out we were expecting again! And nine months (or so) later we welcomed our precious little boy into the world. He is a ball of energy and keeps me on my toes. He also has a sweet heart like his dad and a smile that will just make you melt! We are so excited to be welcoming another little one into our family soon – we know that children are God’s blessing and reward and we are grateful for each and every child He sees fit to give us.

Random Facts

I am a full-time wife and mama which keeps me busy from early in the morning until late at night (like 8:30 or 9 – ha!). I am definitely a morning person, I would much rather wake-up at 4 than stay up till 11 (or later). We live in the best state in the whole world (Texas, duh!) and I am always craving iced tea and Tex-Mex.

When I’m not chasing after my little one I enjoy cooking/baking, sewing, painting, and pretty much anything crafty. Or reading – I love to read. Once Richard gets to be school-aged our plans are to homeschool him and I can’t wait to fill our days with reading, writing, and discovery. But not math. Just kidding…kind of (math is my worst subject!).

Thanks for Stopping By…

And please take some time to look around, be encouraged, and be blessed.